YLX-M28 4G Industrial Gateway Router
YLX-M28 4G Industrial Gateway Router
YLX-M28 4G Industrial Gateway Router
YLX-M28 4G Industrial Gateway Router
YLX-M28 4G Industrial Gateway Router
YLX-M28 4G Industrial Gateway Router
YLX-M28 4G Industrial Gateway Router
YLX-M28 4G Industrial Gateway Router

YLX-M28 4G Industrial Gateway Router

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Our solution supports Linux and OpenWRT operating systems and offers customizable development. It provides an integrated 802.11 b/g/n WIFI solution that can be widely applied in various applications, including smart devices and cloud services. It encompasses features such as wired-to-wireless conversion, 4G-to-WIFI conversion, wireless cameras, hardware access points (AP), routers, industrial 4G routers (DTUs), unmanned vending machines, and more.

Product Overview

YLX-M28 4G Industrial Router: Your Reliable IoT Wireless Solution!

√ Multiple network access options: 4G, 3G, 2G WWAN, WiFi4, and wired network connectivity.

√ Dual network backup: Ensures continuous and reliable network connectivity with 4G/3G/2G WWAN.

√ Fast and stable data transmission: Reliable 4G network for high-speed data transfer in IoT applications.

√ Industrial-grade design: Stable operation in harsh environments with wide temperature and voltage ranges.

√ Dustproof and anti-interference: Ensures stable and reliable communication.

√ Watchdog and link detection: Ensures stable and reliable communication lines.

√ VPN support: Ensures secure data transmission and prevents unauthorized access.

√ User-friendly configuration interface: Simplifies device setup and management with a clean web-based interface.

√ IoT cloud support: Streamlines remote device management for enhanced convenience.

√ Open architecture design: Enables flexible customization to meet diverse industry needs.

√ Mobile network support: Reliable connectivity for remote environments without wired or WiFi networks.

√ Versatile applications: Ideal for M2M industries within the IoT ecosystem.

√ Supports ODM/OEM for product customization and development.

The YLX-M28 4G Industrial Router is a versatile IoT wireless router that supports 4G, WiFi4, and wired network connections. Combining 4G/3G/2G networks, Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies, and more, this router provides seamless connectivity and secure data transmission for your devices.


Designed with industrial-grade standards, the YLX-M28 excels in demanding environments. It operates reliably with its wide temperature and voltage range, dustproof casing, and strong electromagnetic interference resistance. The built-in software and hardware watchdogs, along with multi-level link detection, ensure stable and dependable communication lines, even in harsh conditions. It's the perfect solution for unmanned communication needs.


With its support for various VPN technologies, the YLX-M28 guarantees the security of data transmission, protecting against unauthorized access and tampering. The user-friendly web-based configuration interface makes device setup and management a breeze. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with IoT cloud management platforms, enabling remote device management and configuration, making device management smart and convenient.


The YLX-M28 features an open architecture design, allowing for quick and flexible customization to meet diverse industry requirements. It provides convenient and stable mobile network support in areas where wired or WiFi networks are inaccessible. This device caters to a wide range of applications, offering wireless data transmission capabilities for different industries. It has been widely adopted in M2M industries within the IoT ecosystem, including smart grids, intelligent transportation, supply chain automation, industrial automation, smart buildings, fire safety, environmental protection, meteorological monitoring, remote sensing, agriculture, forestry, water management, coal mining, petrochemicals, and more.


Product Specification

CPUMIPS 32-bit processor with 580MHz CPU frequency
Memory128MB (expandable up to 256MB, customizable)
Nor Flash16MB (expandable up to 32MB, customizable)
Wifi 2.4GHz WiFi
Wide voltage operation 9-36V (industrial terminal interface with reverse polarity protection)
External SIM1
4G modules1
Nano SIM card interfaces4
100M Ethernet ports2
Optional serial portNo serial port/TTL/RS232/RS485

Product size


Product interface


Application Scenarios of 4G Industrial Router

4G industrial routers play a crucial role in various application scenarios. 

Here are some common applications of 4g industrial routers:

Smart Grid:

Role: Acts as a communication hub and data transmission node for smart grid systems.

Usage: Connect the YLX-M28 to smart meters, power monitoring devices, or energy management systems, and transmit power data and control commands over the 4G network.

Functionality: Achieve remote power monitoring, power load management, and remote fault diagnosis, improving the intelligence and efficiency of the power grid.


Intelligent Transportation:

Role: Serves as a crucial device for vehicle tracking and traffic data transmission.

Usage: Install the YLX-M28 in traffic surveillance cameras, intelligent traffic lights, or mobile onboard devices, and transmit real-time traffic data over the 4G network.

Functionality: Enable real-time traffic monitoring, vehicle tracking, and traffic signal control, enhancing the intelligence and flow of traffic management.


Supply Chain Automation:

Role: Acts as a crucial connector for logistics tracking and remote monitoring.

Usage: Connect the YLX-M28 to logistics tracking sensors, warehouse management systems, or remote monitoring devices, and transmit logistics data and monitoring information over the 4G network.

Functionality: Achieve logistics tracking, inventory management, and remote monitoring, improving the visibility and efficiency of the supply chain.


Industrial Automation:

Role: Serves as a key network node for device connectivity and remote monitoring.

Usage: Connect the YLX-M28 to factory equipment, PLC control systems, or industrial sensors, and realize remote monitoring and control of the devices over the 4G network.

Functionality: Enable device status monitoring, remote operation, and fault diagnosis, enhancing the intelligence and automation level of industrial production.


Unmanned Vending Machines:

Role: Acts as a network connector and payment data transmission device for unmanned vending machines.

Usage: Connect the unmanned vending machines to the YLX-M28 and transmit payment and sales data through the 4G network.

Functionality: Supports contactless payments, real-time sales data transmission, and remote monitoring, enhancing the convenience and operational efficiency of unmanned vending machines.


Product Accessories

Standard Accessories

√ 4G Industrial Router *1

√ Glue Stick WiFi Antenna *2

√ 4G Antenna *2

√ Warranty card *1

√ Power supply *1

Optional Accessories

√ 1M network cable

√ 35MM rail spring buckle

√12V1A power adapter*1

√ Data SIM Card *1

√ 30CM Power female cable*1


Product Support

How to connect and use a 4G industrial router?

1.Connect YLX-M28 to a power source and insert a SIM card to establish a 4G network connection.

2.Connect devices to the LAN port of YLX-M28 or its Wi-Fi network using a wired connection or Wi-Fi access.

3.Configure the network settings and security options of YLX-M28 through the device's web interface or a remote management platform.

4.Set up and manage VPN connections to ensure secure data transmission, based on specific requirements.

5.Monitor and manage the operational status of YLX-M28, including network connection status, device connections, and data transmission.

6.Communicate with other devices using appropriate protocols and communication interfaces, according to the specific application scenario.

7.Configure event triggers and alarm functionalities as needed to ensure timely response to abnormal situations.

8.Regularly inspect and maintain the hardware and software of YLX-M28 to ensure device stability and reliability.

9.By utilizing YLX-M28 4G Industrial Router, you can effortlessly achieve secure and stable IoT connectivity while customizing and managing it according to different application needs.


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