YLX-X2Q60 5G Dual SIM Bandwidth Bonding Router
YLX-X2Q60 5G Dual SIM Bandwidth Bonding Router
YLX-X2Q60 5G Dual SIM Bandwidth Bonding Router
YLX-X2Q60 5G Dual SIM Bandwidth Bonding Router
YLX-X2Q60 5G Dual SIM Bandwidth Bonding Router
YLX-X2Q60 5G Dual SIM Bandwidth Bonding Router
YLX-X2Q60 5G Dual SIM Bandwidth Bonding Router
YLX-X2Q60 5G Dual SIM Bandwidth Bonding Router
YLX-X2Q60 5G Dual SIM Bandwidth Bonding Router
YLX-X2Q60 5G Dual SIM Bandwidth Bonding Router

YLX-X2Q60 5G Dual SIM Bandwidth Bonding Router

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5G Dual SIM Gateway Industrial Router

Product Overview

YLX-X2Q60 Aggregation Router: Empowering Seamless Connectivity!

√ Enhanced computing power with Qualcomm chipset CPU

√ Using TG170 high-quality boards for worry-free circuit performance in extreme environments

√ Dual 5G network support, compatible with 4G/3G/2G networks.

√ Supports dual 5G cellular networks, wired network, WiFi, and relay with network redundancy

√ Supports GPS/BeiDou dual satellite positioning for precise satellite-based tracking

√ Supports multiple industrial protocols and VPN secure tunneling functionality

√ Supports software and hardware watchdog protection for enhanced device security

√ Remote configuration for efficient large-scale network device deployment and enhanced security

√ Efficient remote network management with SNMP and Yunlianxin IoT platform integration

√ Robust industrial design for extreme conditions

The YLX-X2Q60 is a high-performance wireless dual sim bonding router specifically designed for industrial environments in the Internet of Things (IoT) domain. Here are more details about this product:

Multiple network access methods: The router supports various network access methods, including 5G/4G/3G wireless wide area network (WWAN), dual-band WiFi 6, relay, and wired networks. This enables it to adapt to different network environments and provide stable data transmission channels.


Powerful data processing capability: The router is equipped with advanced processors and memory configurations, enabling powerful data processing capabilities. It can handle large amounts of data in real-time and perform intelligent analysis to meet the demanding requirements of complex IoT applications.


Advanced security features: To ensure secure data transmission, the router is equipped with multiple security features. It supports various VPN technologies to ensure data encryption and authentication during transmission. Additionally, it includes firewall, intrusion detection, and protection capabilities, effectively preventing malicious attacks and unauthorized access.


Industrial-grade design: The router is designed to industrial-grade standards, featuring characteristics such as shock resistance, dustproofing, waterproofing, and resistance to strong electromagnetic interference. It can operate reliably in harsh industrial environments and withstand a wide temperature range and voltage fluctuations.


Remote management and monitoring: Through the Yunlianxin IoT web management platform, users can remotely configure, manage, and monitor the router. This enables intelligent and convenient device management, allowing users to stay updated on device status and perform remote operations.


Wide range of applications: The router finds extensive applications in various industries. It can be used in smart grids, water monitoring, intelligent transportation, the finance industry, supply chain automation, industrial control automation, oilfield and petrochemical industries, coal mine monitoring, smart buildings, fire safety, emergency rescue, digital healthcare, meteorological monitoring, remote sensing surveying, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and other IoT applications. It provides reliable connectivity and data transmission capabilities for a wide range of IoT applications.


Dual SIM card aggregation functionality: The YLX-X2Q60 industrial router also features dual SIM card aggregation functionality. Dual SIM card aggregation allows the router to combine the bandwidth and network resources of two SIM cards, providing increased data transfer speeds and improved network stability. This feature is particularly useful in scenarios where a single network connection may not provide sufficient bandwidth or reliability. By aggregating the bandwidth of two SIM cards, the router can enhance the overall performance and ensure a more robust and reliable network connection for industrial IoT applications.


GPS and BeiDou dual positioning capabilities:The YLX-X2Q60 dual-mode, dual-SIM industrial router also features GPS and BeiDou dual positioning capabilities. With this functionality, the router enables precise location tracking and navigation using signals from both GPS and BeiDou satellite systems. The GPS and BeiDou dual positioning functionality provides advantages such as accurate positioning, navigation support, and integration with geolocation services for mapping and location-based services. Overall, the inclusion of GPS and BeiDou dual positioning capabilities makes the CloudChip YLX-X2Q60 industrial router suitable for IoT applications that require precise positioning and navigation features.


The YLX-X2Q60 dual-mode, dual-SIM industrial router is a powerful and secure wireless router suitable for various industrial environments and IoT application scenarios.

Product Specification

CPUQualcomm ARM-A53 quad-core 1.80GHz frequency
MemoryOnboard SMT DDR4 1GB
Nor Flash16MB
Nand Flash 2Gb
Standard serial ports1 RS232 port + 1 RS485 port
4G/5G modules2
SIM card interface2
Gigabit Ethernet ports5 (1 WAN + 4 LAN)
Mounting optionsDesktop, Wall-mounted, Rail-mounted installation

Product size


Product interface


Application Scenarios of 5G Bonding Router

5G bonding routers play a crucial role in various application scenarios. 

Here are some common applications of 5G bonding routers:

1.Mobile Office: 5G bonding routers provide fast and stable network connectivity for data transmission, video conferencing, and remote access in mobile office settings.


2.Smart City: In smart city environments, 5G bonding routers enable high-bandwidth connections for devices and sensors, supporting applications such as smart transportation, smart security, and smart lighting.


3.Industrial Automation: 5G bonding routers are used in industrial automation to provide reliable high-speed connections for factory equipment and robots, enabling real-time data transmission and remote monitoring.


4.Internet of Things (IoT) Applications: 5G bonding routers are suitable for IoT applications, connecting and managing a large number of IoT devices, facilitating data transmission and management on IoT platforms.


5.Agriculture and Forestry: In the fields of agriculture and forestry, 5G bonding routers provide high-speed and stable network connectivity for agricultural sensors and monitoring devices, enabling agricultural automation and remote monitoring.


6.Emergency Rescue: 5G bonding routers offer reliable communication support in emergency rescue scenarios, including video transmission, location tracking, and data transfer.


7.High-Definition Video Streaming: 5G bonding routers support real-time transmission of high-definition videos, suitable for online streaming, video surveillance, and remote education applications.


8.Autonomous Vehicles: 5G bonding routers provide high-speed and low-latency network connectivity for autonomous vehicles, enabling communication and data transmission between vehicles and infrastructure.


Product Accessories

Standard Accessories

√ 5G Bonding Router *1

√ 5G 4-in-1 Antenna *2

√ WiFi Antenna *4

√ 2P Power Terminal *1

√ 6P serial port terminal *1

√ 12V 2A Adapter *1

√ Warranty card *1

√ Female power adapter *1

Optional Accessories

√ GPS antenna *1

√ Portable Casing *1

√ Data SIM Card *1


Product Support

How to connect and use a 5G industrial router?

Certainly! Here is a more detailed guide on how to use the CloudChip YLX-X2Q60 dual-mode, dual-SIM industrial router:

Physical Setup:

Ensure that the router is placed in a suitable location with good signal reception.

Insert two SIM cards into the designated slots on the router.

Connect the router to a power source and turn it on.



Network Configuration:

Access the router's management interface either through a web browser or a dedicated management software.

Configure the network settings, including WAN (Wide Area Network) connection types such as 5G/4G/3G, WiFi, relay, or wired network connections.

Set up the dual-SIM card aggregation feature to combine the bandwidth and network resources of the two SIM cards for improved performance.



Security Configuration:

Enable the desired security features, such as VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology, to ensure secure data transmission.

Configure firewall settings to protect against unauthorized access or malicious attacks.

Set up access control and authentication mechanisms to manage user access to the router.

Remote Management:

If desired, configure remote management and monitoring through the CloudChip IoT web management platform.

Connect the router to the CloudChip cloud platform to enable remote configuration, management, and monitoring of the device.

Access the CloudChip platform to remotely monitor the router's status, perform configuration changes, and manage connected devices.


Customization and Intelligent Processing:

Leverage the open architecture design of the router to customize it according to specific requirements.

Utilize the router's powerful data processing capabilities to perform real-time local data analysis and intelligent processing.


Industrial Adaptability:

Take advantage of the router's industrial-grade design, which includes features like wide temperature range, voltage tolerance, dustproofing, and resistance to electromagnetic interference.


Please note that the above steps are general guidelines, and they may vary slightly depending on the specific model or firmware version of the router. 

Before using the YLX-M21AX 5G Industrial Router, it is recommended to refer to the relevant user manual or contact with us for detailed instructions and technical support.

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