YLX-Q31 4G Lte Industrial Gateway Router
YLX-Q31 4G Lte Industrial Gateway Router

YLX-Q31 4G Lte Industrial Gateway Router

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New Design X2 Dual LTE-A VPN WiFi Gateway 5 Porst GPS Beidou Double Star Positioning USB Industrial Router with SIM Card

Outdoor YLX-Q31 4G Modem WiFi VPN Openwrt Industrial Router with SIM Card Slot

YLX-M28/Q31 4G industrial router supports 4G, WiFi4, wired network and other access methods, has an open architecture design, provides fast and flexible customization; can realize local real-time data analysis and intelligent processing; adopts industrial-grade standard design, wide Temperature, wide voltage, dustproof, strong electromagnetic interference resistance, multiple hardware protection, with external watchdog circuit. 

It can run stably even in harsh environments, adapt to different industry scenarios, and use public wireless networks to provide users with wireless data transmission functions. Mainly in areas with harsher environments, we provide various network support for everyone. Now it has been widely used in M2M industries in the IoT industry chain, such as smart grid, intelligent transportation, finance, supply chain automation, industrial automation, intelligent buildings, fire protection, public safety, environmental protection, meteorology, digital medical care, telemetry, agriculture , forestry, water, coal, petrochemical and other fields. 

With 4G/5G wireless WAN dual network backup and Wi-Fi wireless LAN technology, the device provides uninterrupted multiple network access capabilities, and provides users with high-speed and stable data with its comprehensive security and wireless services. transmission channel. 

The design of this product fully meets the needs of unattended on-site communication. It adopts software and hardware watchdog and multi-level link detection mechanism to ensure the stability and reliability of communication. At the same time, it supports the IOT management platform, which is convenient for users to manage remotely and fully guarantees. Intelligent equipment management. Various VPN technologies ensure the security of data transmission and prevent data from being maliciously accessed or tampered with. The user-friendly WEB configuration interface design is convenient for users to configure and greatly reduces the difficulty for users to use.

Hardware performance
Product numberM28 (not lightning protection)Q31 (Lightning protection design)
CPUMTK solution MIPS 32-bit processor 580Mhz frequencyQualcomm solution MIPS 650Mhz frequency
MemoryOnboard SMD DDR2 128MB
FLASH16MB Nor Flash
WIFI802.11.b/g/n (Wi-Fi 4), the highest rate can reach 300Mbps, support 2.4G
Network supportIndustrial grade 4G full Netcom module, or 3G module
System timeTime synchronization using NTP technology
4G LTE module
DifferenceCAT1CAT4 (default)CAT6
Module transferTheoretical maximum transmission rate: uplink 5Mbps, downlink 10MbpsTheoretical maximum transmission rate: uplink 50Mbps, downlink 150MbpsTheoretical maximum transmission rate: uplink 50Mbps, downlink 300Mbps
Product interface
WAN port1 WAN port (can be configured as LAN, 10M/100M adaptive MDI/MDIX port)
LAN port1 (10M/100M adaptive MDI/MDIX port)
SIM card interface1 (drawer card holder, support 1.8V/3V SIM/UIM card)
Reset1 (reset button)

Antenna interface

4G antenna optional 1-2 channels (2.6G external antenna, impedance 50 ohms, SMA inner hole interface)

WIFI antenna 2 channels (2.4G, external antenna, impedance 50 ohms, SMA inner pin interface)
Power interface1 pc (DC 5.5* 2.1/2.5)
Console port1 pc external
Indicator light4 pcs 1 4G light, 1 pc WiFi light, 2 pc network port light
Power and Power Consumption
Power supplyExternal power adapter (standard accessories power adapter 12V 1A)
Operating VoltageSupport wide voltage input DC 9~36V
Working power consumption300~600mA @12V DC
Standby power consumption100~200mA@12V DC





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