4G multi-card aggregation router

Multi-network integration, stable communication, multi-channel aggregation, bandwidth guarantee, APN/VDN special protocol security guarantee

Up to three latest-generation cellular modems can be embedded in the new i-MO Appliance. These support cellular mobile data networks which comply with 4G LTE, HSUPA, HSDPA, 3G, EDGE and GPRS standards.

pical areas of interest for our  Bonding routers include the following:

  • Bonding 3G router

  • Bonding 4G router

  • Bonding DSL router

  • Bonding ADSL router

  • Bonding LTE router

  • Bonding Internet connections

  • Bonding WAN router

  • Bonding VPN router

  • Bonding satellite

  • 3G Broadband router

  • 4G Broadband router

  • Load balancing 3G router

  • Load balancing 4G router

  • Load balancing DSL router

  • Load balancing ADSL router

  • Load balancing LTE router

  • Load balancing Internet connections

  • Load balancing WAN router

  • Load balancing VPN router

  • Load balancing bandwidth

  • Broadband bonding router

  • Increasing bandwidth

  • Portable Internet Broadband router

  • Mobile router 3G

  • Mobile router 4G

  • Mobile Broadband router

  • Video streaming

  • Remote video streaming

  • Video bonding

  • Stream live video

  • WAN aggregation router

  • WAN acceleration

  • WAN optimisation

  • Network resilience

  • Network redundancy

  • Failover ADSL to 3G-4G

  • Failover 3G-4G to satellite

  • Site to site VPN

  • Site to site network


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