Qualcomm® Immersive Home 3210 Platform IPQ5332

2023-07-11 10:44:44 yangquan3 39

Tri-Band Wi-Fi 7 networking platform with a 10-stream configuration. Ideal for premium service provider gateways and whole home mesh systems. Qualcomm® Immersive Home 3210 Platform The Qualcomm Immersive Home 3210 Platform leverages advanced Wi-Fi 7 features and Qualcomm® Multi-Link Mesh innovation to deliver peak speeds and low latency to serve the needs of today's and tomorrow’s applications like real-time gaming, highresolution video or XR and realize the full capacity of next-gen broadband access. Utilizing an innovative modular platform architecture, it is designed to be small enough and cost effective to deploy in every size home, while being powerful enough to support the demands of today’s smart home network. The Qualcomm Immersive Home 3210 Platform’s specialized Packet Processing Engine offloads WAN networking and QoS traffic management, thereby freeing up powerful Quad-core Cortex-A53 Arm CPU compute to support differentiating services and applications, such as device management and control, content filters and security features. Extensive support for open-source OS and middleware elements simplifies broadband service providers and OEMs’ integration and accelerates time-to-market. Plus, high client count support and easy integration with IoT applications make this platform a truly future-proof smart home solution.


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