5G Industrial Router IPQ6000,IPQ6010
5G Industrial Router IPQ6000,IPQ6010
5G Industrial Router IPQ6000,IPQ6010
5G Industrial Router IPQ6000,IPQ6010
5G Industrial Router IPQ6000,IPQ6010
5G Industrial Router IPQ6000,IPQ6010

5G Industrial Router IPQ6000,IPQ6010

2022-04-27 23:16:09  

Y6000系列路由器是云联芯技有限公司基于无线网络需求,采用最新高性能硬件系统平台,使用OpenWRT(Linux)软件系统引用最新技术研发出来的一款全新的,性能更为优异的物联网无线通信路由器产品。采用工业级设计标准,它主要应用于行业用户的数据传输业务。 Y6000支持SIM卡,802.11ax双频WiFi,千兆网口及多种工作模式适合不同场景应用。



Q60 series 5G industrial router supports 5G, WiFi6, wired network and other access modes, with an open architecture design, providing fast and flexible customization; can achieve local real-time data analysis and intelligent processing; the use of industrial standard design, wide temperature, wide pressure, dustproof, strong electromagnetic interference, with multiple hardware protection, with external watchdog circuit, even in harsh environments can operate stably, can adapt to different industry scenarios, the use of public wireless network to provide users with wireless data transmission functions. Mainly in areas with harsher environments, we provide various network support for everyone. Now it has been widely used in the M2M industry chain of the Internet of Things, such as live broadcasting, smart grid, intelligent transportation, finance, supply chain automation, industrial automation, intelligent buildings, fire protection, public safety, environmental protection, meteorology, digital medicine, remote sensing survey, agriculture, forestry, water affairs, coal mines, petrochemical and other fields.


lSupport wired and 5G/4G cellular network WiFi backup network function

lSupport 5G NR-NA/NSA high-speed network and 4G high-speed network full Netcom

lSupport WLAN

lHas 5 Ethernet ports

lSupports a variety of VPN features

lSupport wired and wireless backup of each other

lSupport SNMP and IOT platform to achieve efficient remote centralized network management

lSupport efficient deployment of large-scale device networks

lSupports rail and desktop mounting

lFully industrial designed, without fear of harsh conditions

5G industrial router series products are Internet of Things wireless router products that integrate 4G/5G networks, virtual private networks and other technologies. With 4G/5G wireless WAN dual-network backup and Wi-Fi wireless LAN and other technologies, the device provides uninterrupted access to a variety of networks, with its comprehensive security and wireless services and other features, to provide users with high-speed and stable data transmission channels.

The design of the product fully meets the needs of unattended field communication, the use of software and hardware watchdog and multi-level link detection mechanism to ensure the stability and reliability of communication, while supporting the IOT management platform, convenient for users remote management, fully ensure the intelligence of equipment management. Multiple VPN technologies guarantee the security of data transmission and prevent malicious access or tampering with data. The user-friendly WEB configuration interface design is convenient for user configuration and greatly reduces the difficulty of user use.


Hardware performance


ARM-A53 pentacore 1.80Mhz GHz


On-board smd DDR4 1GB



Nand Flash



8MB Nor Flash


802.11.ax (Wi-Fi 6) up to 1800Mbps and supports dual-band 2.4G/5.8G

Network support

Industrial-grade 5G full Netcom module, or support seven-mode full  Netcom (4G module)

System time

Time synchronization uses NTP technology


WAN Port

1 WAN port

LAN Port

4个(10M/100M/1000M adaptive MDI/MDIX port)

SIM card interface

1 (drawer card holder, SIM/UIM card supporting 1.8V/3V)

M.2 interface

1 usb3.0 compatible PCIe

5G/4G modules

1-4 feasible matches (1+3 or 2+2 or 3+1)


1 (reset button)

Antenna interface

5G total 4 (4G/5G antenna, impedance 50 ohms, SMA hole interface)

2pcs(2.4G WIFI antenna, impedance 50 ohms, SMA internal pin connector)

2pcs (5.8G WIFI antenna, impedance 50 ohms, SMA internal pin connector)

Power terminals

1 pc(DC connector)

Console port

1 built-in


1ch RS485, 1ch RS232

Power supply characteristics


External Power Adapter (12V 3A)

Operating voltage

The power input dc 12V

Operating power consumption


Working conditions

Operating temperature

-40 ~ +85ºC (-40 ~  +185 °F without a pool), using a battery -10 ~ +55ºC

Storage temperature

-40~+85ºC (-40~+185℉)

Operating humidity

5% to 95% (non-condensing)

Equipment ventilation

Natural heat dissipation, no noise

Physical characteristics


All-metal chassis


Length*Width*Height: L*S*H: 218mm x158mm x 40mm (excluding antenna  mountings)

Installation mode

Desktop flat


Net Weight: 1.47KG (excluding antenna and  mounting)

Gross Weight: 2.85KG (with accessories and  box)

Equipment Security and reliability

Security and reliability

Power inverting protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent  protection, Ethernet interface built-in 1.5KV electromagnetic isolation  protection;

The SIM/UIM card interface has built-in 15KV ESD protection

Protection class



Complies with CCC, Rohs


100,000 hours

Software features

Network access

Support APN VPDN

Access Certification

Supports CHAP/PAP certification

Network mode


LAN protocol

Support ARP,Ethernet

WAN protocol

Support static IP, DHCP, PPPOE, PPP

IP applications

Support  Ping、Trace、DHCP Server 、DHCP Relay、 DHCP Client、 DNS relay、DDNS 、Telnet 

IP routing

Support  for routing

NAT function

Supports  network address translation

Aggregation protocol

YUNQUIC  protocol



Full-StateFul  Packet Detection (SPI), Protection Against Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks  Filtering Multicast/Ping Packets, Access Control Lists (ACL)

Content URL  filtering, port mapping, virtual IP mapping, IP-MAC binding

Data security

IPsec VPN /L2TP/PPTP/GRE/OPEN VPN/CA certificates and other virtual  network applications


Backup function

Support  wired, wireless, 5G multiplexing and mutual backup

Link online monitoring

Send  heartbeat packet detection, disconnection automatically connected

Embedded watchdog

The  equipment runs the self-test technology, and the equipment operation fault is  self-repairing

WIFI (Integrated)

Protocol standards

IEEE  802.11b/g/n/ac/wifi6 ax


Up to  1.8Gbps

Security features

Open Systems,  Shared Key, WPA/WPA2 authentication, WEP/TKIP/AES encryption

Working mode

AP,  Client working mode

Transmission distance

100m  (actual transmission distance depends on the environment)


Integrated aggregation router functionality

Support IP/TCP, UDP transparent  transmission mode Ethernet, wired, wifi wireless, 5g/4g aggregate broadband  function,

Support DCUDP, DCTCP mode

Network management

QOS management

Support  bandwidth limit, IP speed limit

Configuration mode

Support  telnet, web, ssh and console configuration modes

Upgrade mode

Supports  web upgrades and FOTA

Log function

Supports  local system logs, remote logs, and serial output logs. Important logs are  powered down to save

SMS function

Status  query, configuration, restart


Dial-on-demand,  data activation, SMS activation

Network management  function

Support  STAR Device Manager network management platform for batch management

Simple network  management capabilities

Supports  SNMP v1/v2c/v3 and supports the SNMP TRAP feature

Traffic management

Supports  traffic threshold setting, traffic statistics and traffic alarm functions

Alarm function

Support  system restart, LAN port up and down line, traffic alarm, SIM card failure  and other alarms

Maintenance tools

Ping, route  tracing, internet speed testing

Status query

System  Status, Modem Status, Network Connection Status, Routing Status

Packing list:

Product accessories

Q60 Host




Customer-selected  modules, Or match the model according to the actual needs of the customer

SIM Card Tray


Red Dust Cap


Power 12V2A



5G glue stick antenna


WIFI Stick Antenna


Warranty Card

1 sheet

Power cord (female)



Neutral packaging


White bubble bag size:  24*20mm

Neutral packing carton  size: 23*16*6mm