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"Based on talents and technology, focusing on independent research and development" Shenzhen Yunlianxin Technology Co., Ltd. was established in January 2014. It is a smart equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service. The company insists on independent research and development and lean manufacturing with the tenet of "precision quality, intelligent creation". At present, the company's products cover Netcom communications, 5G industrial routers, 4G industrial routers, wireless routers, switches, servo manipulators, industrial robots, intelligent storage equipment, intelligent testing, heat exchanger special machine tools, unmanned automated production lines, and CNC More than 10 fields such as machine tools, over a hundred specifications of products. The company can customize the development of fixtures and auxiliary equipment, etc., to achieve customer-specific industry


The innovation leader of industrial routers!

Shenzhen Yunlianxin Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. It is a company dedicated to promoting the innovation trend of the Internet of Things, and constantly creating higher-performance and competitive industrial products.

Since its official sales in 2014, Yunlianxin has accumulated a considerable number of successful cases of terminal products: such as wireless routers, 4G/5G routers, serial servers, IoT chips, serial to Ethernet, Modbus gateway, serial to Wifi, 2G /3G/4G/5GDTU, N2N, P2P remote IO controller, optical fiber switch and various industrial interface converters. It can provide various customized projects for the Internet of Things, and has core advantages in the customization of acquisition equipment, the design of the Internet of Things communication protocol, and the selection of the Internet of Things solution. Mainly include wireless communication equipment, 4G/5G multi-link aggregation technology, 4G/5G multi-card aggregation technology, multi-network link aggregation, wireless wifi module, frequency conversion WiFi, down-frequency WiFi, low frequency WiFi, wireless mesh ad hoc network. Broadband Wireless network technology. Mainly designed and developed a variety of wireless equipment, various special applications provide a cost-effective solution, these special applications include military industry, public security, fire protection, forest fire protection, etc. Provide the main application technology, 4G/5G video transmission, drone live broadcast, wireless video live terminal, 4G/5G multi-card aggregation technology support, 4G/5G multi-card aggregation technology video live broadcast application. The products have high performance, reliability and manufacturability, and serve a variety of important fields. Mini printers, sweepers, optical flow drones, lidars, industrial sewing machines, servo drives, gaming peripheral markets, circuit breakers, ADAS, T-BOX, digital power supplies, power tools and other terminal equipment applications, covering 5G , Internet of Things, consumer, business and industrial control and other fields. With the popularization of the Internet of Things and intelligent manufacturing, the demand for MCU usage and performance of all kinds of intelligent hardware continues to increase. Arteli will continue to develop high-performance MCU chips, and at the same time cooperate with many third-party platforms such as 21ic and Shiqiang component e-commerce. Establish a cooperative relationship to drive local R&D momentum and jointly build a domestic first-class industrial ecosystem!

高效研发团队  Efficient R&D team

It gathers senior elites in the industry and has many years of experience in embedded system development, has industry-leading R&D level, is technology-oriented, and has a R&D staff ratio of up to 85%. It focuses on the integrated development of industrial product platforms and peripheral systems and applications.

领先研发技术  Leading R&D Technology

Mobile communication equipment, wireless routers, live video, robots, smart factories, power grids, agricultural intelligent Internet of Things, animal husbandry monitoring, including the integration of multiple peripheral interfaces and complex signal transmission, and with complete system middleware, Drive modules and development software and other tools to create low-power, high-stability, and cost-effective chips to meet the needs of various market applications. The Internet of Things makes information acquisition no longer confined to traditional fields. Hundreds of millions of sensors and IOT devices allow us to know everything that is happening around us. We work with partners in various fields of the Internet of Things to provide Internet of Things companies and developers with a complete Internet of Things development architecture and solutions from hardware development platforms, basic cloud platforms, message service platforms to scenario-based development platforms. Ecological, high-end, Internet + smart breeding brands and platforms.







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